Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we continue to navigate COVID-19 together, the health and safety of our people, our clients and the broader community remains our top priority.

Lack Group is actively monitoring the developments of coronavirus and are following the expert guidance and advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Department of Health in Australia.

We are continuing to operate our offices and field work activities as normal and have introduced some measures in preparation to manage the potential spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the community.

LackSafe “everyone looking out for everyone”. Your health and wellbeing is our priority and therefore to ensure the safety of our people, our clients and the community we ask that you take notice of the request below:

If you or your family have been confirmed as having COVID-19, have been or have potentially been in contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are feeling unwell with the known symptoms:

  • Call the Health Line on 1800 022 222 or consult your usual medical practitioner for advice.
  • Stay away from work, so as to not spread the virus.
  • Notify your Lack Group representative by phone, and we will work together to determine any action or support.

Have you travelled overseas? All travellers returning or arriving from overseas must self-isolate for 14 days. This applies to everyone, even if you have no symptoms.

Workplace Hygiene – we ask all employees to practice good hygiene including:

  • regularly cleaning hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer, even more regularly that you would normally;
  • covering your nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing; and
  • minimizing hand contact with other such as handshakes.

Airports / Flights – All company related non-urgent Business Flights are suspended until after the Easter period. Any recent company related business travellers have been quarantined from contact with other employees.

Meetings / Gatherings – LackSafe BBQ’s & Information Session, business and other meetings are suspended until after the Easter period.

Information – Read the latest announcements about COVID-19 and up-to-date advice for your situation and other information from Department of Health website:

We will keep you updated on this dynamic and evolving situation, as we maintain a flexible and agile approach to circumstances as they arise.

Please feel free to contact your Lack Group representative at any time, and please keep us informed of any concerns or issues you may have.

Lack Group