Founder, Diane Lack – 8 September 1956 to 11 August 2018

Diane, you will always be missed and never forgotten. You were always a fighter and a true legend. You left us with an incredibly powerful legacy, which is just your style.

The program consists of:

– Improved Systems the way we work, innovation and industry engagement;
– Employee engagement initiatives – “have a say in what you do”;
– Employee Awareness and Support Programs (examples include health and well being, dealing with problems, health and lifestyle information); and
– Information and communication sessions – “staying in touch”.

The program is aimed at achieving a culture at work where “everyone looks out for everyone” and is actively involved in making what we do “a safe and healthier place to work”.

LackSafe is a behavioural culture, and we ask that you join us on the journey.

Our commitment to “every person going home safe and healthy every day”

Lack Group