LackSafe Re -Engage - Re-Ignite

LackSafe Re-Engage – Re-Ignite

Yesterday our Executive Director and Group Managers’ Operations and LackSafe conducted our first monthly LackSafe Engagement session in Northern NSW.

Our engagement sessions will be notably smaller as we align with the requirements for social distancing and social gatherings.

However, we see this as an opportunity where our people will feel more comfortable to open up, as many prefer talking in small groups.

Working together with one of our key client’s, we also took this opportunity to actively participate in our client’s program by “taking the lead” to show visible collaborative leadership.

We thank Derek for allowing us to conduct our session on the project and for taking the time to be actively involved in our session. Our employee’s feedback was very positive towards our client being interested and involved in what we do to engage with our people.

WorkSafe. HomeSafe. #LackSafe

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