Founder, Diane Lack, was born on the 8th of September 1956 in Bourke, country New South Wales. In 1995, Diane, alongside her husband and two sons, moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, to start their new life.

Diane established her business in 2004 on the Gold Coast with the dream to “not to be the biggest, just the best at what we do”.

Sadly, Diane Lack, lost her 6 year battle to Breast Cancer in August 2018.

Our four key values of Professionalism, Commitment, Communication, and Safety are the foundation behind the strength of the Company. At Lack Group, we are good, honest people who care, and our unbreakable family bond is what drives the business. We value and respect all people – regardless of age, gender, cultural or religious backgrounds. Our business activities are undertaken with honesty, respect and integrity in every dealing, every day.

Our legacy as a family will be to continue our beliefs, teachings, and dreams.

What makes “Lack” unique is an approach that will never change “the Lack way”. By building Lack Group from the initial dream to the Company that it is today has given our family the opportunity to create a great family orientated team.

Lack Group