Why Lack Group

Our vision is to be our clients number one provider (supplier of choice) in the provision of our services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with complete, practical and flexible solutions to enhance their productivity and operational performance. Our experience gives us knowledge of the real issues facing organisations, allowing us to focus on developing solutions that are relevant, practical and cost-effective. With many years of industry expertise, our professionals work closely with our clients to understand their needs to provide tailored solutions ranging from small to large corporate construction projects. Our unique service platform, support structure and individualised approach enables us to be entrenched in the systems, ideals, planning and our client’s ways of working.

Our Vision & Mission

COMPANY VISION To be the best at what we do To be the supplier of choice by providing our clients with a personalised partnership approach  COMPANY MISSION “We at Lack Group are committed to satisfying the expectations of our clients, shareholder and employees with a focus on continuous improvement” We believe that meeting or exceeding our clients’ requirements, as well as our statutory and regulatory obligations, is of fundamental importance to our business.

Latest News

October’s LackSafe Employee of the Month

Please join us in congratulating October’s LackSafe Employee of the Month, Korina Wikaire. Korina has been nominated for demonstrating her emergency response protocols whilst assisting two members of the public who had pulled over on the highway after their car battery had caught alight. Korana’s rapid response to extinguish the…
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Certificate of Excellence

Lack Group would like to congratulate our Planner David, on being the recipient of one of our clients Certificate of Excellence. David has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for “Demonstrating outstanding teamwork in developing TCPs to meet the project’s program requirements. David has spent hours and weekends developing and…
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