Traffic Management Plans

Traffic Management Plans

Traffic Management Plans (TMP) and Traffic Control Plans (TCP) – Lack Group

K & D Traffic Management Pty Ltd (trading as Lack Group) is a registered Traffic Management company providing Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Control Plans/Traffic Guidance Schemes in accordance with the relevant authority’s requirements and associated standards.

We have a team of industry professionals who are skilled in the development of Traffic Management Plans (TMP) and Traffic Control Plans (TCP)/Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) in New South Wales, ACT and Queensland in accordance with the relevant road authorities and local councils. We work closely with our clients to understand their job/project requirements and tailor plans specifically for their needs.

The preparation of a detailed Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and proper implementation of measures identified in the approved plan is essential to ensure the safety of all road users as well as the workers at site. It would also assure the smooth operation of the road network as well as the work site.

Lack Group will develop specific Traffic Management Plans incorporating both Traffic Control Plans and Vehicle Movement Plan as required for planning the works with an emphasis of minimising  delays and inconvenience to motorists and other road users or interfere with traffic during of heavy traffic flows.

Lack Group will implement approved Traffic Control measures for any works which disrupt free traffic movement in road related areas such as motorway, local roads, car parks, driveways, pedestrian accesses/ facilities etc.

These measures will include Traffic Control Plans (TCP)/(TGS) and Vehicle Movement Plans (VMP) as required and will encompass vehicle movement and pedestrian movement for both construction resources and the general public. Any property accesses affected by the construction activities will also be identified on the TCP(s)/TGS(s).

Our Traffic Management Plans include:

  • Description of the proposed works and lane/road closures.
  • Identification and assessment of traffic impacts of proposed works.
  • Detail traffic management measures to ameliorate the impacts of proposed works.
  • Assessment of public transport services affected.
  • Details of provisions made for emergency vehicles, heavy vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Assessment of effect of proposed traffic management measures on traffic movements in adjoining streets.
  • Proposed public/tenant notification process if required.
  • Development of Traffic Control Plans / Traffic Guidance Schemes

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